XN3000XN-3000 Series comprises of 2 XN modules coupled with a integrated slidemarker and stainer (SP-10). It offers a unique co-primary solution that automates sample processing to slide preparation and staining. XN-3000 has an hourly capability of analysing up to 200 samples and can prepare slides and staining up to 120 slides. Optional integrated digital morphology solution may be added to increase its productivity as well as provide further standardization to the laboratory processed.

  • Integrated reflex sampler and reflex rule set for improved workflow and shortened turnaround time (TAT)
  • Slides are prepared selectively based on customer defined conditions
  • Optional floor standing wagon for systems and reagents is available

XN-3000 is an excellent solution for laboratories with medium workload and relatively high smear rate yet catering to the ever evolving clinical needs of the laboratory.

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