Diasys Reagents

In collaboration with Diasys, Sysmex offers a comprehensive range of high quality Chemistry reagents.

Diasys Diagnostic Systems has been a leading specialist in the development and manufacturing of diagnostic systems solutions for more than 20 years.

Benefits of Diasys Reagents :

  • Stable, ready-to-use liquid reagents
  • Long on-board stability and calibration stability
  • Minimized interferences with lipid clearing system
  • Standardized to international reference material/methods
  • Barcoded reagents with multi-calibrator and control for easy handling

A total of 52 parameters covering renal, liver, lipid and cardiac profiles has been validated on both the JCA-BM6010/C and the BX-Series

*For the complete menu available in each country, please contact your local Sysmex agent. 

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